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Knowledge11, the annual event of ServiceNow, kicked-off with the Keynote of Fred Luddy, Founder and newly named Chief Product Officer. I asked some #servicenow tweople last week to tweet as much as possible so that those that couldn’t join would still feel the passion and love coming from the island!

And I must say…. wow! Thank you so much #servicenow community for the content and quality you have tweeted during Fred’s keynote!

As a kind of Tribute to the #servicenow community tweeting live from #know11, I took the initiative to consolidate and compile some of the content you all have been tweeting, a kind of TweetDigest (is there another better word??). I think this is exactly what #servicenow is proposing as a new paradigm: IT3.0 is really about people. It’s not about technology (twitter is just the vehicle) but it’s about the people leveraging that technology to diffuse their thoughts and messages. My TweetDigest is not as sexy as the rendering of Flipboard on the iPad, but I hope you will enjoy it!

Spread The Love
To start: a tweet from TheWiredBean that I think summarizes perfectly #servicenow and its community:

@TheWiredBean: *love what you do, do what you love* #know11

A Tent, Some Comics and a Huge Screen for a Grand Monsieur
@rglauser: #comicon? I thought this was #know11…we’ve got some ‘splainin to do…


@joeemployee: Getting ready for the keynote! The big tent is full of cool. #know11

@thomsinger: Standing room only at #know11.  Over 1000 people in the big tent.

@cmcdonogh: It’s all go at #know11
@JoshuaTufts: When they refer to the “big tent” at #know11 they are not kidding. Lots of folks interested in how #servicenow can make them IT heroes.

@rglauser: The #know11 big screen in the #know11 big tent. Time for a good old fashioned revival, #servicenow style.

Let’s not forget the old habits: A video to start the keynote
We can’t wait to see the video on YouTube!

@mattberan: Best intro ever! #know11 can we get a link? @rglauser

@YorkChris: #know11 impressive opening video #ServiceNow very creative

@thomsinger: “IT is about people” (the message and theme of #ServiceNow ‘s annualconference – #know11.

Fred Luddy: A Genius Walking In the Clouds
@njvanwingerden: Service-Now keynote w/ Fred Luddy


@Neovise: Fred Luddy in the clouds at #know11
@ctomasi: “A smart person is someone who understands your problems” – Fred Luddy #know11

@njvanwingerden: Service-Now says they have doubled in size every year for he past 5 years #know11

@paulhardyuk: Great intro by @fredluddy at #servicenow  #Know11

@YorkChris: #know11 @fred_luddy is why I keep coming back each year.  The most down to earth founder I’ve ever seen.

F&F: The New Winning Team
@ctomasi: @fred_luddy introducing the new CEO Frank Slootman at #know11 keynote. Welcome Frank

@CharlesTBetz: Service-Now’s strength as a domain-agnostic platform is interesting undercurrent at #know11.  ITSM just 1st application.

@tdeniston: Frank “The Liberator”. Sounds a lot better than Frank “The Tank”. #know11

@ITSMCanuck: Sounds like Fred is a wise leader and will be playing to his strengths in his new role #know11

IT3.0 Manifesto: Cloud + Mobility + Social
@ctomasi: 53% of people have sought IT support from other than IT #know11

@tdeniston: Fred Luddy reiterating the fact that if we don’t provide excellent service, our customers will go elsewhere. #know11

@ambles: Cloud + mobility + social =IT 3.0 #know11

@cmcdonogh: Fred Luddy presenting IT 3.0 at #know11
@ctomasi: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal” – Picasso (via @fred_luddy) #know11

@mattberan: @fred_luddy ‘s tactic on knowledge management at #know11, capture knowledge, leave the baggage behind.

@njvanwingerden: Fred Luddy – ‘People don’t switch technologies unless there is an order or magnitude difference.’ #know11

@CharlesTBetz: Luddy deeply critical of traditional enterprise software license/maintenance model. Genuine passion, spontaneous applause. #know11

@YorkChris: #know11 notion of complexity = powerful is absurb – @fred_luddy

Swiss Army Knives and Simplicity:
@mattberan: #servicenow is the swiss army knife of I.T. AWESOME #know11

@ctomasi: “It’s simplicity that drives use, acceptance and drives down costs” @fred_luddy #know11

@mattberan: Great software doesn’t require training.  Just like a bridge, you know how to use it just by looking at it. #know11

@YorkChris: #know11 technology will be great when people won’t think of it as ‘technology’ – @fred_luddy make it invisible

@ctomasi: People expect to just sit down and use technology – @fred_luddy #know11

@FruitionPartner: ‘complexity does not mean that you have power’ – Fred Luddy #know11

@njvanwingerden: Siebel vs. way more features vs. way easy to use.  Siebel has since sold themselves… #know11

@CharlesTBetz: Luddy citing Siebel vs. – Siebel had more functionality, but less value. #know11

@arlen_v: Technology experience at work should be no different to home – Fred Luddy #know11 #servicenow

Maslow and IT
@mattberan: #know11 Fred Luddy just referenced Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First I’ve heard that mentioned since college…

@cote: Man, it’s great commentary on the dreary state of IT that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes up at the #know11 keynote.

June Release: New User Interface 2011
I remember sitting last year in the car with Fred Luddy explaining me that to ensure ServiceNow will be always innovative, it will require courage to start again over and over and re-invent themselves. Good to hear this is happening with a new UI coming with June Release.

@tdeniston: Service desk chat-based support. Me likey. #know11

@mattberan: Great new UI demo at #know11

@rian07: #know11 behaviour of users is different when using live feed instead of email – and MORE data!

@arlen_v: #socialIT will enhance the support experience #IT3 #know11 #servicenow

@arbonboy: #servicenow using Live Feed to help IT end users become an extension of the IT experience in a very social way. #know11

@mattberan: There’s the UI updates we wanted! #know11

@ctomasi: Spontaneous applause at the new UI updates in #servicenow at #know11

@calicobra: The new navigation and windows with #servicenow demo looks #awesome here at #know11

@arbonboy: What’s the new bar at the edge of the #servicenow screen? Could this mean I don’t need to open ten tabs in my browser? –  #know11

@njvanwingerden: Service-Now is enabling Outlook style layout in June release #know11
@calicobra: There is a curb on the left now do I can kick an item to the curb to use as bookmark! #know11  #servicenow

@cote: is making a good case for “paying attention to the user and doing good UX work is a differentiating feature” at #know11

@WylieSteve: #know11  New UI looks very efficient!

@CharlesTBetz: clear attentiveness to usability engineering in Service-Now interface. #know11

@TheWiredBean: The new UI will directly impact the user efficiency & make Outlook redundant! Best new feature since sliced bread. #know11

@arlen_v: Death of email. Closer than you thnik…. #know11

@rglauser: #know11 #servicenow users love #ui11. Inspired by rockmelt and asana.

The Future is NOW
@TheWiredBean: Roadmap 2012: platform + analytics + mobile + events #know11

@scotteberly: Another yeah for complex reports! #servicenow #know11

@CharlesTBetz: have been asking a number of folks about analytics & BI in Service Now – Luddy is announcing as a next priority #know11

@YorkChris: #know11 #ServiceNow native IPad app coming…

@Neovise: Innovation in experience, usability and simplicity is evident in Service-now at #know11

@mattberan: Event Management was just mentioned at #know11 – a lot of thirsty looks around the room #servicenow

@yourlocalgeek: #know11 analytics and ui heading for “minority report” type of functionality?! “LIKE!”

@njvanwingerden: IT 3.0 is the ipad, so says Service-now. #know11
@scotteberly: Throw away what you created in favor of something better. Ditch the baggage. #know11 #servicenow

@mattberan: Where is the filesystem on iphone and ipad?  Great example of technology that is transparent #know11

@njvanwingerden: IT is about destroying the old way of doing things and replacing them with new and innovative ways… what are you destroying today? #know11

@scotteberly: #servicenow is going mobile. Adapting to the new way of IT. #know11

@arbonboy: #servicenow gets it…the desktop is archaic and mobile is the reality.  Creating a socially mobile IT – #know11

@rian07: #know11 Am looking forward to Minority Report type analytics! As @dhildbrand says – lots of data is useless if you can’t use it or see it!

Web Appification: Chris Dancy Was Right!
The listeners of ITSM Weekly The Podcast (#ITSMWP) probably remember Chris Dancy’s commentary last year about Know10 and that appification is the future. Chris, looks like Fred has been listening 🙂

@mattberan: Did @fred_luddy just promise a native iOS application? #know11

@robmphillips: Yep, going native RT Did @fred_luddy just promise a native iOS application? #know11 #appification

@ServiceSphere: @robmphillips HUGE!! Now do it right. Gesture, sound, proximity, accelerometer, push…..#Know11

@TheWiredBean: Is it just me, but I’m expecting the launch of a platform soon to give a run for its money…

@YorkChris: #know11 Nxt step for the #ServiceNow platform would be app store w/ apps built by community.  Drop ‘service’ to create a platform.


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