Thinking Out Cloud: Pre Knowledge 11 conference interview: Fred Luddy

In less than a week time, we will be gathering at the Knowledge 11 conference in Frankfurt, Germany to redefine and exchange about IT management in the cloud era.

As a Gold Sponsor to the event, we take our role very seriously and we also felt the need to share our enthusiasm with you. We thought of introducing a few ideas beforehand, exchanging on various topics about the implementation of ServiceNow and talk with the people with whom we have built strong relationships.

For this matter, we will be publishing a series of Interviews on our website… stay tuned for more!

Introducing today a Q&A with Fred Luddy, Chief Product Officer and Founder of ServiceNow

1. Fred, we met first in 2008. What a journey since then! What’s your feeling when you look back?

I have a feeling of great pride and great accomplishment. We started in 2008 where we had about 100 customers and are now getting close to 1’000 customers. This has only ben possible with companies like Fruition Partners who are able to bring customers in production so quickly… and this makes me feel energized.I feel the relationship between ServiceNow and Fruition Partners has been and still is very inspirational to each other. It is truly invigorating for me to work with you guys and create a better product.

2. You will be opening the knowledge 11 event with a keynote about the evolution of service. Tell us more about it?

Yes, we are moving now to a whole new era of IT: the cloud era. The question is no more if it will be viable but how it will work. We still don’t know exactly what needs to be owned by a company or what will be rented as a service in the cloud, it will be a hybrid model. This is a generational shift such as the ones from Mainframe to Unix, from Unix to the PC, and now from the PC to the cloud. Each of those shifts needed new tooling and the ones on the cloud will bring 2 main capabilities:

Self Service will expand not only to promote IT to a viable utility but also to bring a sense of community amongst the users.

Business people will manage their own portion of the cloud along the lines of the “Amazon experience”, provisioning services, shutting them down or decommissioning them in a very easy and user friendly way.

The enhanced automation coupled with Self Service will change the way people interact with the technology and within processes.

3. What you like most about ServiceNow (the product)?

I think it is the openness of the platform that allows people to create applications by themselves to solve their unique problems. I have never seen a customer where I did not smile… they all extend the system with amazing functions that I would never have imagined or that I was even not aware could exist!

4. What you like least about ServiceNow?

I enjoyed a lot when I knew everybody in the company, now sometimes I meet people in the corridor and I’m not sure whether this is a customer, a partner or an employee… I miss a bit this feeling of intimacy.

On another dimension, the more I see innovations in the field, the more I see the need to innovate in the platform… We need to further accelerate the amount of innovation in ServiceNow.

5. What is the role of partners for ServiceNow?

We would simply not be where we are today and will not be where we want to be tomorrow without partners. The partners network is not only needed to grow. We also need to fully integrate it in the “ServiceNow fabric”.

6. Do you know Dariusz from Fruition Partners will be presenting “sap integration with ServiceNow at k11?…

This makes me very happy… at what time is Dariusz session as I’d really like to attend it and learn how you did it?

[Note from the Editor]: Dariusz session is scheduled Wednesday Dec. 7th at 13:00.

7. …And Michel will present with Chris Dancy “how to make your CMDB social”?

Yes, please let me know the time of that one too… I would not know how to position this but I trust Chris and Michel will do an outstanding job on it! These are 2 very special individuals on this planet, very forward looking, with this extremely positive and can do attitude. I’m looking forward to this very exciting session.

[Note from the Editor]: Chris and Michel’ session is scheduled Wednesday Dec. 7th at 13:00.

8. What is your perception of Fruition Partners?

I’m very proud to be associated with you guys. Since our first dinner in Geneva I felt that we are interchangeable entities, you know one party starts a sentence and the other one finishes it… Working with you has been a very positive experience for me. I told the story many times about these guys working in multinational companies and leaving their jobs to create a business around ServiceNow, asking if they could represent us in Switzerland (to start with) and bringing in these fantastic and prestigious customers. I’ve always been very impressed by your independence in selling and implementing our technology; I’ve also been impressed by how you have built all your systems in the cloud.

9. Do you have a scoop for us? (we won’t tell almost to anybody)

We are running a couple of very exciting projects over here:

One around massive scalability, using technologies such as “database sharding” (term popularized by Google through their publication of the Big Table architecture), resources partitioning and data archiving. The success of our product and the requirements of our biggest customers are driving us there to further increase our technology’ span in the enterprise.

The other one around the user interface. The UI will become phenomenally simpler built around new paradigms brought by iOS5 and Androïd.

10. One last word?

I will say two words: thank you! I’m very excited meeting you there in Frankfurt, not only to attend your sessions or come to your booth, but also just having a coffee or a beer together.

Special question: What do you think the word “Fruition Partners” mean?

Accountable, Skilled, Professional, Engaged, Dedicated, Innovative, Evolved, Next generation, Success.

Thanks very much Fred!

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