Pre Knowledge 11 conference Interviews: Dariusz Szybowski from Fruition Partners

Dariusz is Director of Technology and co-founder of Fruition Partners. Computer Systems Engineer and seasoned developer, he brings with him more than 20 years of strong technical knowledge of various IT technologies, as well as the capacity to understand, design, implement and manage complex technical architectures and systems.

1. First time you saw ServiceNow?

Around October 2007 so it’s already 4 years. The ServiceNow community will probably consider me as a dinosaur 😉

2. What did you work on in ServiceNow so far?

At Fruition Partners I am in charge of “integrations” between ServiceNow and customers’ systems. This includes the development as well the supervision of the implementations. As virtual member of the ServiceNow Development Team I also created few plugins like Skills and Territory Management, Field Service Management and Software License Management.

3. What do you plan to do in the coming years?

We certainly will keep developing Fruition Partners trying to keep pace with ServiceNow (wow…). I would like also to explore new opportunities linked to the ServiceNow PaaS offering which should be available in a hopefully close future.

4. What you like most about ServiceNow (the product)?

I did work in my professional life with a lot of development environments but I found in Glide (development platform behind ServiceNow) the most versatile and flexible one. Working with Glide you really have the impression that everything has been thought and anticipated and what on other platforms takes days, here takes hours.

5. What you like least about ServiceNow?

I miss a bit the early days, when ServiceNow was about 50 employees located in a Wooden Spaceship at Solana Beach 😉 Most of the meetings were taking place in Fred Luddy’s office with a superb view on the Pacific Ocean.

6. What will you present at k11?

During last year we had the chance to implement multiple integrations between ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager. This is what I will be presenting at K11.

7. Do you have a scoop for us?

As I am more doer then talker, the K11 will be my first event as a speaker.

8. One last word?

I’m just hoping that my K11 session won’t be too boring for the audience 😉

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