Pre Knowledge 11 conference Interviews: John Walsh working @ the National Bank of Belgium

Introducing today a Q&A with John Walsh, Program Manager for the Enterprise Service Management Program at the National Bank of Belgium.

John M. Walsh is an IT Adviser and Enterprise Architect with over 25 years of experience in both Business and IT domains across different industries and cultural divides. He specializes in areas including IT Strategy development, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture, Service Management and Social IT. He is currently working as a Program Manager for a Service Management maturity program in Belgium.

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@ Knowledge 11 Europe in Francfurt on Wednesday, December 7th 15.10 CET : It’s the Organization, Stupid!

John Walsh’s focus is on both the tool and the process. And while both are key, one of the most underestimated aspects is the organization in which the process and the tool are both being deployed. In this session, John will present his experience and lessons learned – showing how ServiceNow helps the bank focus on the real issue of the organization.

Q&A with John Walsh.

1. Quick bio about you

  • Working as an IT Adviser and Enterprise (solution) Architect.
  • Studies Computer Science and Mathematics at University College Cork, Ireland.
  • Background in Software development, Design, Quality Assurance, Outsourcing, Service Management and Enterprise Architecture.

2. First time you saw ServiceNow?

I discovered ServiceNow in 2007 when looking for a SaaS Service Management solution.

3. What did you implement?

Incident Mangement, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Catalogue, SACM – Asset Management, Service Request.

4. What do you plan to implement in the coming year?

SACM – Configuration Management, Service Level Management, Release Management.

5. What you like most about ServiceNow (the product)?

  • The modern architecture.
  • The Saas Model.
  • As a relatively new company, it brings a fresh look at Service Management.

6. What you like least about ServiceNow?

  • The Reporting could be improved.
  • Company’s approach to introducing new functionality.
  • Out of the Box processes are sometimes too basic.

7. What is the role of Fruition Partners in your project?

Fruition Partners were chosen as the Integrator based on their knowledge of the production and track record.

8. What will you present at know11?

On Dec 7th, I will be presenting “It’s the Organization, Stupid!” This will emphasize the importance of organization readiness to avail of what ServiceNow can deliver.

9. One last word?

I really like the ServiceNow offering and their recent focus on Quality shows that they are listening to Customers. While they are very profitable now, I expect that competitors will be catching up with them within the next couple of years. The key to their survival in my opinion will be to stay original, agile, cost effective and last but not least, keep their original culture in tact in the midst of growing from a small to a medium sized company.

10. What do you think the word “Fruition Partners” means?

I expect it is derived from ASP – Application Service Provider, a term from the 90’s. Calling a company ASP Limited was not possible as the domain name was not available so suggested that was available 🙂



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