The Future is NOW: Knowledge11 Farewell

As Fred Luddy – ServiceNow Founder and Chief Product Officer – mentioned it, the Knowledge11 ServiceNow User Conference was energizing and inspirational! As we are coming back from Frankfurt and preparing for the last weeks of 2011, we couldn’t agree more! These were 3 exceptional days in Frankfurt where we had thought provoking discussions with many interesting people.

Here’s how it unfolded

Day One and Two, the pre-conference day was bustling with activity and enthusiasm, with conference rooms fully packed for the System Administrator training and the ITIL training.

Day Two, the show began at 4PM with the Kickoff Keynote by Fred Luddy which was least to say rich with information and news! The Fruition Partners crew was standing among an excited crowd of 400 attendees from 21 countries gathered to hear about “The Evolution of Service”.

Evolution it was indeed as Fred announced high availability n+n architecture for Gen 2.0 infrastructure and introduced “a clear and compelling vision of end-to-end service automation underpinned by ITSM, and sneak previews of a touch interface that will power not only mobile devices, but make impact on the browser-based experience as well..”

  • Automated instance cloning: Fred also presented a new feature for ServiceNow customers requesting an instance clone (already possible today) and automatically get the instance cloned with Run Book Automation without involving ServiceNow Operations! This will improve the service delivery of more than 800 requests per month.
  • Archiving: ServiceNow Development team is also working on a system feature that will automate the data archiving on another instance with definition of the time period and ability to define wether the logs, audit and attachments are part of the archiving or not.
  • Fred also presented some new features coming with the Aspen Release (coming soon)

Day Three, was a great day! After the lunch that Fruition Partners sponsored, we held two Breakout Sessions. Michel Regueiro (@michelgva) and Chris Dancy (@chrisdancy) gave a very interesting and funny presentation on the social CMDB.

Michel presented a nice concept to moving from a monolithic CMDB to a Social CMLF (Configuration Management Live Feed). (see picture below).
More than 100 people attended and had a great laugh at those two tap-dancing around each other…(find slideshare here…)

Dariusz’s presentation raised lots of interest on the subject of SAP Integrations with ServiceNow and many people came to our booth to know more about our expertise in this area. ( find slideshare here…)

Both Reinoud Martens from CERN and John Walsh working at National Bank of Belgium gave in their presentations a real-world customer example ….. By the way, CERN walked away with the Innovation of the Year award, and we are proud to have supported them so far.

With 53% of the breakout sessions presented by customers, we can say that this was a truly User Conference. Analysts such as Stephen Mann from Forrester also covered this event and could confirm that customers love ServiceNow. This was the last european Knowledge event; next year we’ll all meet in New Orleans !

Now a short special mention to our themed booth… the choice of green grass & blue cloudy skies couldn’t have been more timely and appropriate…With concepts such as “cloud-architecture”, “SaaS & the cloud” or “mobility and the cloud” flying around, one could say it was definitely THE buzzword during these 3 days! Our Thinking Out Cloud wall soon became a Hall of Fame…no name dropping here, pictures tell it all 🙂

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