Feature Coverage: Dynamic Change Tasks Timeline

A new category makes its way on our blog, The Feature Coverage. As it is part of our daily job, to consult clients and give our best advices, we thought that we should also share our findings herewith you. For all custom solutions that we’ve been providing our customers through the years, a few will find their way here on our blog. It’s clearly a constructive way of sharing our knowledge and expertise and if you wish to know more about a special feature that has been covered here, or if you would like more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

It’s all about Timing! Dynamic Change Tasks Timeline

Because timing is of the essence in our projects and sometimes two tasks can hide behind each other, a client asked us if it was possible to quickly access within a Change Request the timeline view of its related Change Tasks. And because only the manually created Change Tasks (i.e.: not fired by a workflow) were to be displayed; the goal was to immediately check whether two conflicting tasks were planned at the same time.


Fruition Partners investigated the possibility to customize a Timeline Page in Service-now.com in order to display dynamically the Change Tasks related to a specific Change Request. However, it is a euphemism to say it was quite tricky to achieve an out-of-the-box solution: it was not possible!

Well, you know the tagline: nothing’s impossible! So we used our imagination and therefore worked around the “impossibility”. It was decided to create a single Timeline Page, record and modify it on the fly when the user clicked on a “View Tasks timeline” link available in the Change Request form.

As a result, a Change Coordinator can now have an overview of the manual Change Tasks related to a specific Change Request directly when reviewing it. A simple click and a new window opens showing the manual Change Tasks, which is a very convenient way to identify possible conflicts.



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