Social IT is Dead, Viva Telepathy IT!

Fruition Partners, the leading European partner of ServiceNow, today announced the immediate availability of its new plugin “ATI – Fruition Partners Telepathy IT” introducing a revolution in the way IT supports the business.

Michel Regueiro, Fruition Partners Solution Consulting Director, said “ServiceNow Social IT, including Chat and Live Feed functionality, was introduced last year and helped customers take another big step toward support excellence. At Fruition Partners, we have been thinking about a new approach that would give IT professionals new tools to excel in remote support and made research on brain-computer interface (BCI) to develop a direct neural interface pathway between the IT technician brain and an external device.”

“The ATI Plugin extends IT support by combining ServiceNow unique capabilities such as knowledge management, content management system and run book automation and allows IT technicians to remotely connect with their brains to workstations, servers and any other IP device. Once the intracortical brain-computer interface is established, IT technicians can decode computer signals and repair hard-drive disk crashes, debug application failures or install new software with the power of the mind.”

Alex Broggi, Fruition Partners Managing Director: “The ATI plugin is the first of a long series that will revolutionize IT forever. Without revealing too many secrets, we are working on a precognition plugin that would involve the acquisition of future information and upcoming issues in the IT infrastructure. This will allow IT organizations to propose a service excellence, by anticipating all issues and propose a unique 100% availability of their services.”

Licensing and availability
The Fruition Partners Telepathy IT Plugin is only available today. Through the plugin installation, ServiceNow customer customizations and configurations are preserved and service availability remains uninterrupted.

Use of the the ATI plugin is not recommended for IT technicians with symptoms of psychosis, particularly of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

The Fruition Partners agile approach to ITSM is drastically different from traditional alternatives. To learn more, visit our website

Michel is one of the co-founders of Aspediens (acquired by Fruition Partners in 2016) and now CEO, Europe at Fruition Partners. As a serial entrepreneur with strong experience in innovation, product management and solution delivery, he spots trends and writes about the future of Service Management.
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