K12 Keynote : coming up in Calgary release

From the Fruition Partners team attending Fred Luddy’s keynote “Discover the Power of the Plateform” at Knowledge 12 in New Orleans.

Multiple Auxiliary Databases: Split data to improve performances

Transactional data remains in the primary database whereas Logs, Audit, Attachments as well as Archived data get there own database to increase overall transaction performances.


PaaS improvement: Speed up the creation of new applications

After creating the application, you can now from within the application form, create new tables directly by importing spreadsheets or using brand new UI allowing the definition of all table fields at once


Additionally a fully hierarchical view of the database model can be displayed to better understand and design the relational model of your application


Collaboration Workspace: A new way to work

Track and be aware of anything that is going on! Using the new UI, build multiple collaborative workspaces including on-going tasks live feeds, widgets to quickly edit/update, allowing to work on multiple tasks at the same time.


And one more thing… (the famous Steve Jobs thing…), there’s gonna be an iPad app for that!

Loic joined the company in 2010 and works as Principal Consultant in our Nyon office. He is certified ServiceNow System Administrator, Implementation Specialist and ServiceNow Instructor. With a strong technical background, he is focusing on Solution Consulting since 2011 and is specialised in the areas of CMDB, Asset and ITOM.
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