Feature Coverage: Custom “Grid” Catalog Variable Make the life of end-users easier!

Because there is no out-of-the-box mechanism in ServiceNow to offer a convenient way to register external users in a Catalog Item, Fruition Partners consultants are often required to  find ways and come up with ideas and solutions when such requirements turn up.

In this case, the customer’s need was clear and straightforward: create a Catalog Item to announce external visitors to several teams (Facilities, Security, …), and make sure the following information were filled-in for each visiting person:

  • Last name and first name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Whether the person would need a badge or not

Solution: a custom UI Macro

Of course, the challenge behind this requirement is that you cannot know beforehand how many people will be registered per request, so you need some sort of dynamic. A technical consultant here at Fruition Partners developed a custom UI Macro that displays a grid; it can also be embedded in a Catalog Item or Record Producer. When the page loads, the grid only contains one row, with three text fields and a checkbox:


The users has nevertheless the possibility to add as many rows as he likes (a limitation can be set by the administrator), depending on how many visitors he has to register:


When the Catalog Item is submitted, the content of the grid is copied into a multi-lines free-text field, that is displayed in the Variable Summary in the form:


This allows the people that will take care of the request to easily identify the visitors, and make the proper arrangements.

Have the Catalog Variables your way!

Instead of being limited with a standard “Multi Line Text” Variable, or trying to simulate a grid with several textboxes, drop-down lists and UI Policies, the solution described above offers a flexible way that is both very handy for end-users and process users. If you would like more details on how this was implemented, do not hesitate to contact us.

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