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We came along this great article from Robert Fedoruk in his ITSM & ServiceNow blog and found that it was a good opportunity for us to think of who we are and if we are doing the right things. At Fruition Partners we tend to agree on the selection criteria proposed by Robert and like to think that customers following this list will probably pick us as their ServiceNow implementation partner 😉 … we believe we have strong answers to propose.

Now what’s the additional value Fruition Partners brings to the table? Let’s keep it simple and mention only one (yes… very boring these long lists of features…):

We like to think we are your partner in your ServiceNow implementation. We are fan of the “fit for purpose” and are aiming at helping you define it for your organization when discussing ITSM with ServiceNow. There is no point in creating the perfect system able to cope with all possible cases and exceptions, the goal is to implement the System You need, meeting your objectives of Time and Money. And our experience shows that the most difficult part in this equation is to define what is “the system you need” or better “fit for purpose”. The rest is mechanical if you have the technical and project management skills (which we have too, don’t get me wrong !). Keeping you focused on the “fit for purpose” will ensure you meet your objectives in the fastest and most economical way. We believe our implementation approach and project culture (also materialized in our Starter Pack) is built around this value. That’s our difference, what we teach to our people and we struggle finding on the market when hiring.

We are regularly challenged on this value as some say we could make more business by just configuring and developing all sorts of features and extra automation that people want (yes the dream of the tool solving everything still exists). But we are more and more convinced of our approach as our customers confirm it every day. We have run many audits of ServiceNow implementations and in most of the cases we got mandates to simplify them. An then customers kept working with us because they discovered we make things simple, just “fit for purpose”.

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