Feature Coverage: Watch List in a Record Producer

Here is another requirement that the Fruition Partners team faced for several customers: how to offer to the end-users a convenient way to add people in a Watch List from a Record Producer?

The Watch List is a great feature of ServiceNow. Typically, it allows people that are impacted by an Incident to follow its resolution even if they are not the caller. No doubt you have all already use it in the /demo instance or when managing your Incidents in /hi.

Unfortunately, there is no such variable in the Service Catalog to mimic the Watch List.  The variable that can be used instead is the List Collector, which is a slush-bucket where it is possible to pick-up one or several values from a referenced table. It can do the trick, but it is a bit heavy, sometimes not user-friendly enough and it does not allow to add e-mail addresses.

The solution Fruition Partners came up with was to create a custom development to “simulate” a Watch List Variable in a Record Producer (or a Catalog Item). Here is an example:


As you can see in the screenshot above, three fields are displayed in the Record Producer:

  • A Reference field to add existing users
  • A free-text field to add e-mail addresses
  • A multi-line free-text field with the content of the Watch List

Every time you search for an existing user and select it, it will be added to the Watch List. To add an e-mail address, you have to type it and hit the “Return” key on your keyboard or click the little envelope icon. A check is done to make sure the e-mail address is properly formated, and if yes it is added to the Watch List. Two buttons on the right of the Watch List allow to either remove the last entry in the list, or empty all its content:


When the user is done and submits the Record Producer, the content of the Watch List is automatically added to the target Incident:


If you would like more details on how this was implemented, do not hesitate to contact us.

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    • Joseph DuMond

      It doesn’t display as neatly on my Record Producer as it does in your screenshot.

    • Patrick BOUTET


      This is exactly what we would like to implement on our system

      Could you share the code ?


      • Alain Müller

        Dear Patrick,

        Great to hear that you want to implement this on your system and that Fruition Partners (ex-Aspediens) and our blogpost can help. First, the good news: as this blogpost dates back to 2012, the feature mentioned in it is now out-of-the-box in the latest ServiceNow version, Helsinki! You can find it mentioned in the Helsinki Release notes (“Support for glide list UI has also been added to the List Collector variable”):


        Now, if you are interested to implement this in a pre-Helsinki version, we are happy to share the custom Fruition Partners code with you. Just send me a quick email at info@fruitionpartners.eu and we will get back to you.

        Have a great day,


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