5 years and counting

When we founded Aspediens back in 2008, we never thought of the situation where we would be 50 passionate employees working on transforming client projects into successes five years later. After settling into our premises in Nyon, we opened branch offices in Paris, in Zurich and then in Stuttgart with the aim of being closer to our clients. In return they rewarded us with the opportunity to drive more than a hundred ServiceNow implementations projects with them! When I’m looking into that rear-view mirror I am delighted with what we have achieved. And I’m equally proud of the collaborative and supporting spirit we’ve instilled among the team. For me, this is our biggest strength.

The company has grown but innovation continues, inspiring and driving us the same way it did when we decided to be the first in continental Europe to believe in ServiceNow. Nowadays, IT professionals are more and more focusing on data analytics and resources optimization, and we want to offer them the best of the Cloud in these areas with eMite and Apptio. These two solutions perfectly integrate with ServiceNow and we believe they really bring a new perspective into the ITSM world.

The eMite platform was created to acknowledge that while organizational silos may always exist they should not affect the organization’s ability to monitor, measure, diagnose and improve itself. Stuart Geros, eMite’s CEO, likes to describe his solution as “a platform that is not tied to any specific underlying system and that was intentionally created to be able to onboard data from any process or system, adapt to any organizational model and visualize the entire IT estate yesterday, today and tomorrow”. It is this incredible flexibility that seduced us.

Apptio, on its side, has pre-packaged best practices and solutions for IT’s most important initiatives. Whether you’re looking to drive greater efficiencies in your data center, adopt public or private cloud or rationalize your application portfolio, Apptio can help you successfully justify, manage and quantify the return of your IT projects. Our enthusiasm was raised by Apptio willingness to redefine the rules by creating a new discipline: the Technology Business Management (TBM), developed through a partnership between the company and dozens of thought-leading and passionate CIOs, CTOs and other IT leaders.

Adding these solutions to the ones we currently have in our portfolio such as the Aspediens Starter Pack – a concentrate of all our experience in ServiceNow implementation – is an important milestone that takes us to the next level. It is full of energy that we are looking forward to continuing our adventure and to making our motto “Success as a Service” resonate with our clients.

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