ServiceNow User Group Suisse Romande

The ServiceNow UserGroup Suisse Romande hosted by Firmenich yesterday was a huge success with more than 45 attendees, among which many clients of Fruition Partners. Alex Broggi, Managing Director, Albert Ohayon, Loïc Horisberger  and Sylvain Hauser represented us at this occasion.

Loïc presented the new Asset Management model of ServiceNow to the audience and shared some of Fruition Partners’ clients experience. It was followed by a presentation of the event’s host, Firmenich, about their own assets management.

Sylvain then shared with the participants our experience with the Calgary upgrade  and presented the key feature of the Dublin release followed by some CMS examples.

A networking cocktail, following the event, allowed Fruition Partners representatives, clients and other participants to share their experience with ServiceNow.

Stève is Marketing & Communications Manager, Europe at Fruition Partners (ex-Aspediens). Described as customer (and pixel) obsessed by his colleagues, he uses his experience in both traditional and digital marketing to polish all things related to Marketing at Fruition Partners Europe. His main motto is “Learn something new every day, in any field”, a mindset that made him embrace and enjoy the ServiceNow and Service Management world since he joined the company.
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