Feature Coverage: Let non-administrators work in an Update Set

This one comes pretty often from large organizations: how is it possible to allow some Specialized Administrators (e.g.: they have the “catalog_admin” role and can therefore modify Catalog Items, Record Producers, Variables and so on) to work in a specific Update Set, without letting them access the Update Set picker?

Well, some people may ask here: why not create the System Property “glide.ui.update_set_picker.role” to allow non-administrators to access the Update Set picker, as explained in the ServiceNow wiki? The issue with this approach is that you will need to open the security on the sys_update_set and sys_custom_xml tables so that those users can see the Update Set and its Customer Updates, but most of all this will allow them to pick any Update Set that is in progress. It will therefore become very difficult for the system administrator(s) to make sure the right Customer Updates go into the right Update Sets!

At Fruition Partners, we think the following solution is preferable: as an admin, create for those Specialized Administrators a User Preference to specify in which Update Set their customizations will go. The User Preference must be as follows:

Name: sys_update_set
Description: <A description of what the User Preference is about>
System: <false>
Type: <string>
User: <sys_id of the Specialized Administrator>
Value: <sys_id of the Update Set>



Then your Specialized Administrators will not have the Update Set picker available, but all the customizations they will be doing will be tracked in the Update Set you have specified. When this custom Update Set gets completed by you, those users will automatically have the “Default” Update Set selected.

This should clearly make your days easier and save you some sleep during the nights!

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