Quick search over Knowledge and Problem from Incident

The challenge
Service Desk must have known solutions on their fingertips to serve their customers efficiently. Fruition Partners is delighted to present Fruition Partners “Quick Search” mechanism which is embedded to your incident forms (either or both IT and End User views) and allows quick search over your Knowledge Base and (when required) active Problems.

The thought
We understand that even with good knowledge and known errors (problems) databases, Service Desk simply does not have enough time to perform a deep search. Quite often the first KB Article / Problem that matches the criteria is picked up when the process obliges the analyst to do so, which may impact the quality of the relationship between Incident Management and above mentioned processes. The agile approach we have implemented is the following:

  1. We look up by the terms entered by IT or End User in Incident Short Description as they type it;
  2. We display the results based on a full text – Google-like – search; sorting the records so the first article is most likely the right one;
  3. We provide a set of system properties so you can easily adjust who should see the results. Thus making the solution very flexible.

The solution

Yes, you get it done just with two clicks and having most relevant answers are displayed on the top.

  1. Enter a short description – the search will begin automatically as soon as you stop typing;
  2. Browse KB Articles;
  3. Copy or Link it to your incident

Same with Problems search

  1. Describe the issue in the Short Description field;
  2. Browse the results;
  3. Click on the paper clip icon to link your incident to the existing Problem record

The flexibility
You can easily adjust who (roles) can use the full Quick Search functionality or just its Knowledge or Problem Search parts. Output is customizable; by default. the top 10 relevant answers are displayed which guarantees speed while not impacting the overall system performance at all.
How can I get this functionality?
This functionality is included in the Fruition Partners StarterPack since the end of 2013. We will be delighted to provide the solution for earlier versions of Fruition Partners StarterPack or even ServiceNow instances not running Fruition Partners StarterPack. To do so, please contact Fruition Partners for a demo or for more details.

Nikita is a certified ServiceNow Developer and Instructor and one of Fruition Partners (ex-Aspediens) Senior Consultants. He has a strong experience in architecture, programming and integration and worked on multiple large international deployments. If asked to sum up his job in a few words, Nikita will invariably smile and tell you "I deliver!"
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