5 steps to stand out at Knowledge14

Knowledge14 is the place to be for IT pros to talk about Enterprise Service Management and Fruition Partners people are on the field, again! But with 6’000 people attending, how is it possible to stand out? Here are the 5 steps we’re taking.

1. Get some Magenta out there!

Magenta party! With such a strong color, using it shamelessly is the best way not to go unseen: Fruition Partners hoodies with enormous “A” on the back – making our reps superheroes look-alike; A-badges giving them an how-so-cool vintage look and A-polos! The least we can say is that they’ve received the perfect-branded-employee full-package and the best part of it is that they are very proud to wear them and share pictures on Twitter. Oh and if you find an A-man on your way, don’t hesitate to stop him to have a quick chat.



2. Rock the boat at the CreateNow Hackhaton

CreateNow Hackhaton is an eight-hour event where you can create an application, a tool, a game built on ServiceNow. To win you need to create an innovative, transformational use of the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform. Fruition Partners is there to rock the boat : our team will be composed of Silvère, Alain, Alexandre, Stéphane and Nikita and some intense brainstorming took place at the office. We’re thrilled to see what they’ll produce. One of them mentioned a BookYourTripNow application, but we won’t say more here. Stay tuned!


3. Deliver state-of-the-art trainings

Our consultants are experienced certified ServiceNow trainers and we are very proud they’ve been asked to deliver trainings during Knowledge14.


4. Have some fun with our clients

There’s nothing less to do than taking your clients out for a burger when you’re in the US. Sounds like a good plan? Well, yeah and that’s what we did. We gathered at the Burger Bar, one of SF places to be, where you can eat delicious and sophisticated burgers! Bonus is the view on Union Square, a gorgeous place in San Francisco city center.

5. Live-tweet, live-tweet and live-tweet

Share fun, share facts, share insights, share opinions and make some buzz ! That’s the leitmotiv of our reps during Knowledge14. Follow us on Twitter to see how they do it. Having said this, Twitter is cool but real-life meetings are even better so if you are in San Francisco as well: you know how to find us (otherwise, see point 1.) 🙂



Stève is Marketing & Communications Manager, Europe at Fruition Partners (ex-Aspediens). Described as customer (and pixel) obsessed by his colleagues, he uses his experience in both traditional and digital marketing to polish all things related to Marketing at Fruition Partners Europe. His main motto is “Learn something new every day, in any field”, a mindset that made him embrace and enjoy the ServiceNow and Service Management world since he joined the company.
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