Knowledge14: Aspediens “BookYourTripNow” CreateNow Application

As mentioned in a previous post, Aspediens had a team participating in the ServiceNow Knowledge14 Hackathon that took place on Tuesday night. This hackhaton, aka CreateNow, is a eight-hour coding event during which ServiceNow experts from all over the world demonstrate their skills  by creating innovative and impressive applications on the SNow platform. Our European consultants (France, Russia and Switzerland) took the challenge and went for an app called “BookYourTripNow” (also known as “TravelNow”), that allows any end-user to easily plan and manage their travels within ServiceNow.

Built on Eureka, the latest ServiceNow version, our solution is meant to be available through the Self-Service Portal. A simple drag-and-drop on a map would create a new Travel Request with the following features:

  • The departure location is automatically selected based on the user’s profile
  • The destination is selected based on the drag-and-drop of the user
  • The Requested by and Requested for are automatically populated
  • The duration of the travel is calculated dynamically
  • The users has the option to ask for a flight and/or a hotel
  • If the end-user has several Travel Requests, a small indicator on the location(s) is displayed


 (depending on your browser the animated GIF will loop or run only once; clean the cache to play it again)

This graphical user interface part uses a new ServiceNow feature which main purpose is to manage rooms, typically for Facility Requests. Aspediens has decided to leverage it for the “BookYourTripNow” application!

The Travel Request would then be available in the tool via a dedicated Application in the left-hand side menu.

But there is more! Once the Travel Request is created, a Workflow using REST Web Services is triggered  to get the cheapest hotel and/or flight price from, based on a new attribute in the “User” table which would allow to set a “travel rank” for all the users to determine the hotel rating and flight category. This allowed us to demonstrate our expertise on Web Services and integrations:


Based on the example above, the following result is returned for a hotel in Chicago:


There is no booking made at this stage (the Booking record in ServiceNow is in “Draft” state), since Approvals are required.

It’s only once all the required Approvals have been granted that the booking is made and that the end-users receive an e-mail confirming their Travel Request was approved and processed.

Of course eight hours were a very short time and we haven’t had the time to finalize everything and to explore all the exciting ideas that we had (for example managing the Approvals via the new Eureka’s Kanban board!), but it was an intensive night and it was certainly a very interesting experience to work with a ServiceNow instance running Eureka!

Now we’re waiting for ServiceNow to announce who’s the winner of this 2014 CreateNow hackathon to congratulate our friendly one-night opponents. 🙂

See this post in ServiceNow Community Portal for further info about this CreateNow hackhaton :

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