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One of the key assets of ServiceNow is undoubtedly their community of passionate customers and partners, whose creativity is limitless, as shown during events such as Knowledge, the Hackatons and Innovation Awards. Such innovation is impressive but how to capture this creativity and make the entire community benefit from it? ServiceNow addressed this point and launched recently ServiceNow Share, an online portal with several libraries of wonders, including best practices, update sets, custom apps and much more that customers and partners can upload and share.

As a ServiceNow partner since 2008, we have been supporting our customers with amazing developments and helped them create the next generation of Service Management solutions. We were even honoured to be part of ServiceNow’s R&D team back in 2010. Innovation has always been our bread and butter, and naturally, we are thrilled to contribute to the Share portal and make the entire community better through sharing and collaborating on content.

Go and check the content we are sharing. You will find great stuff, such as one of our favorite App Extensions: Search in Scripts and More, allowing you to search for a keyword in any admin screens of ServiceNow. Search results will let you know in which admin section the keyword appears (business rule, client script, email notifications, script include, UI action, UI macro, etc).


Michel is one of the co-founders of Aspediens (acquired by Fruition Partners in 2016) and now CEO, Europe at Fruition Partners. As a serial entrepreneur with strong experience in innovation, product management and solution delivery, he spots trends and writes about the future of Service Management.
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