ServiceNow: creating invaluable value

ITSM on the Cloud has been a hot topic for many years now, so hot that every established vendor has some form of cloud offering. Automating and improving your ITSM processes from the cloud is nowadays a standard and for many industries a must. But then, how to distinguish all these cloud offerings?

As we look at the definition of “Software-as-a-Service”, it is key to get back to the basics and look at the definition of “Service”. As explained in Service Strategy literature, a Service creates value by establishing 2 fundamental principles: utility and warranty.

Service Value = Utility + Warranty
While the Utility – or Fit for Purpose – is the functionality offered by the service to meet a particular need (basically the features available in the product), it is also key to check the warranty and the promise that the service is “Fit for Use” and will address the customer needs in terms of availability, performance, capacity and continuity.

But then, in the context of SaaS solutions supposed to improve and automate IT Service Management processes, what about the service warranty proposed to their own customers? What level of support and automation does your ITSM solution provide when it comes to servicing their own service?

Last week, during a lunch, the CIO of a top Swiss Watch Manufacturer was telling me how satisfied he was with ServiceNow, not only with the features provided with the platform, but also with the ServiceNow Customer Service, how he was able to schedule a clone or an upgrade of his instance and getting the request provisioned in a matter of hours while no one in his team was taking care of the infrastructure.

This testimonial shows that ServiceNow goes much beyond the utility and amazing applications and modules proposed in the platform. ServiceNow proposes a real value to their customers by enabling and automating the warranty of their service via a customer portal that allow customers to check the real-time availability of their instances, to report and track support requests, to manage their instances and upgrades with one click, all this provisioned with their own dog food. This is of course only made possible thanks to their amazing hosting infrastructure and operations team – but this will covered in a separate blog post as there is so much to say here.

This is probably one of the many ServiceNow secrets: the ability to combine a perfect blend of utility and warranty to their service that makes its value invaluable.

Michel is one of the co-founders of Aspediens (acquired by Fruition Partners in 2016) and now CEO, Europe at Fruition Partners. As a serial entrepreneur with strong experience in innovation, product management and solution delivery, he spots trends and writes about the future of Service Management.
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