ServiceNow: 10 Key Benefits of Geneva Release

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Today’s a big day! ServiceNow is releasing Geneva and we’re all super excited. It’s obviously always big news when ServiceNow comes up with a new version but this one resonates even stronger with us. Geneva is where it all started: it’s the city where we met Fred Luddy – ServiceNow founder and current CPO –  in December 2007 for a dinner; the city where Aspediens has been founded as a result of this dinner; the city of the CERN, a ServiceNow and Aspediens’ customer who’s a pioneer in the Enterprise Service Management field; the same CERN where Fred worked at the early stages of his career. In short: a city we cherish that today gives its name to a product we love. We couldn’t be prouder.

Following the success of our previous blog post about the key benefits of Fuji (more than 10’000 reads!), we are excited to share with you some of the key benefits brought to you with this new version of ServiceNow.

  1. Service360: get your CIO a 360 Tour!

The new Service360 capability, that is an extension of Service Portfolio Management, enables IT executives to measure and monitor the performance of all business services from a beautiful and powerful Treemap dashboard.

  1. Service Mapping: become Service-aware

This new application is a clear demonstration of ServiceNow’s commitment to natively integrate their acquisitions: former Neebula, that was initially integrated into ServiceNow Suite as a stand-alone product called ServiceWatch, is now fully native in ServiceNow platform. The new application leverages ServiceNow technology and infrastructure (MID servers, data collection and data centers) for a comprehensive and native enterprise discovery and mapping of business services.

  1. CMDB: better identify, reconcile and reclassify your CI data sources

The CMDB now includes a powerful module that helps maintain the integrity of the CMDB when multiple sources are used to create and update CI records. It prevents duplication by identifying and reconciling CI records and attributes, while only authoritative data sources are allowed to write to the CMDB. This is complemented by an automatic reclassification of CIs.

  1. Customer Service Mgt: stay close to your customers

As an original IT Service Desk solution, extending the platform to the customer service was a natural and logical move for ServiceNow. You can now support your B2B customers consuming your products and services straight from ServiceNow while leveraging all the great features available in the platform, such as inbound ticketing, self-service, surveys, CTI, SLAs, reporting and much more.

  1. Security Operations: be confident with your security tracking

As the name suggests, this new package provides a logical and organized way to manage security issues and threats.

The Security Incident Response application helps handling security incidents with a specific workflow – from analysis to containment, eradication, recovery, and post-incident review.

The Vulnerability Response module compares security data pulled several sources to identify vulnerable hardware and software components. Changes, problems, and security incidents can be created to treat those components suspected to be affected by a vulnerability.

  1. ServiceNow Studio: build new apps efficiently

System Administrators and Developers will enjoy the new ServiceNow Studio, a mature and rich web IDE that will allow a better code insight and offers centralized resources, scripting assistance and search.

  1. Visual Task Boards: be more productive

Manage more efficiently your assigned tasks with the new features introduced with Visual Task Boards. The task cards have been enriched with new features, including checklists, email notifications sent to task assignees, and SLA indicators.

  1. Cloud Management: get full support for Microsoft Azure

The Cloud Provisioning application, renamed “Cloud Management”, continues its expansion by including support for Microsoft Azure services. This reinforces ServiceNow’s promise to managing heterogeneous cloud providers and services from one powerful platform and common operating model.

  1. Connect: move to the 21st century digital collaboration

Team collaboration with the use of social media technology as a new way to break down silos, improve communication and increase performance started years ago with ServiceNow introducing the concept of Social IT. The concept has evolved and Fuji introduced Collaboration. Geneva is now coming with a new maturity level and includes Connect, a real-time messaging platform with online status and presence, allowing teams to reduce task resolution time. Teams can now share ideas, collaborate on documents, know who’s online and who’s updating records, and chat instantly – all within the ServiceNow platform.

  1. Edge Encryption

Edge is the new on-premise proxy encryption solution that enables customers to secure and encrypt private, sensitive or regulated data. From fields to attachments,  this native application acts as a proxy located on your data center and encrypts the data you have defined to be protected before it is sent to ServiceNow’s cloud. The encryption keys are defined and kept by the customer. This is a great solution for organizations that need an extra security layer and face data sovereignty constraints while they want to benefit from the cloud. The best of both worlds in summary.

Alternatively, organizations looking for a more global encryption solution to protect not only ServiceNow, but also all the other cloud applications (Box, Office 365, Salesforce, Google apps, etc) can have a look at CipherCloud.

If you are looking for assistance in either upgrading to Geneva or implementing some of the applications introduced, contact us, we will be happy to support you gain a maximum value out of your ServiceNow platform.

Michel is one of the co-founders of Aspediens (acquired by Fruition Partners in 2016) and now CEO, Europe at Fruition Partners. As a serial entrepreneur with strong experience in innovation, product management and solution delivery, he spots trends and writes about the future of Service Management.
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