ServiceNow Geneva Integration: our 4 takeaways

Geneva Release comes very handy when it comes to integrations with 3rd party systems, with four new key features:

  • Scripted REST API
  • Attachment API
  • CORS Support
  • and Export Sets

These new features bring a lot of flexibility and make developers’ life easier.

Here are our key takeaways:

Scripted REST API

A lot of effort and attention has been put to pamper the Developers community. Even if the REST API was already existing before Geneva, ServiceNow takes a huge step further with the new Scripted REST API. Additionally to CRUD operations against any table, developers can now create their own endpoints. Behind each endpoint, your own custom business logic can now be defined, making interactions between ServiceNow and 3rd party systems limitless.
Geneva documentation: Scripted REST APIs

Attachment API

It’s become easier than ever to work with attachments. Whether you want to upload files or get related information, you just need to do a simple REST call with your query. As an example, if you need to retrieve all attachments created by Joe Employee in the incident table, the request would simply be:


As a result, you’ll have the metadata and download link for each attachment in the list.
Geneva documentation: Attachment API

CORS Support

Now that you can define your own Scripted REST API, what about securing them? CORS, (standing for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support allows you to define which domain can access your REST APIs and other methods.
Geneva documentation: REST API CORS support

Export Sets

It’s now possible to export data into file formats to the MID Server. Define the data you want to export, choose the output format (csv, xls), schedule it and you are done! No need to script. You can also choose to do a full export or just a delta.
Unlike Import Set, you can not transform the data before exporting them.
Geneva documentation: Export sets

As stated by Bryan Barnard, Product Manager Integrations at ServiceNow, these new integration tools “accelerate developers productivity and agility”. We are also convinced of it and are already foreseeing endless possibilities to use them on our customers projects.

If you have missed the webinar and would like to watch it, visit this page: Alternatively, you can contact us for questions.

Ximizu Huynh is a Senior Consultant at Fruition Partners Europe (ex-Aspediens) in Paris. With 12+ experience in IT, he enjoys sharing ServiceNow tips and tricks that make our lives easier.
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