Top 5 blog posts in 2015

Last year was prolific as we published over 50 blog posts in 4 languages. So when the new year started we had a quick look at the topics that raised the most interest.  Here they are, collected in a Top 5 blog posts* of 2015. If you missed one of them, here is your chance to catch up.

Our Top 5 in 2015:

5. How to protect sensitive data stored in your ServiceNow instance (and other platforms)
As cloud security risks and cloud data security policy compliance continue to be the main barrier for cloud adoption by enterprise organizations, in this blog post we discuss two main possibilities to achieve a high level of security for your data and present you our approach to this topic.

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4. ServiceNow: 10 key benefits of Geneva release
Geneva is where it all started: it’s the city where we met Fred Luddy – ServiceNow founder and current CPO –  in December 2007 for a dinner; the city where Aspediens has been founded as a result of this dinner; the city of the CERN, a ServiceNow and Aspediens’ customer who’s a pioneer in the Enterprise Service Management field; the same CERN where Fred worked at the early stages of his career. This is why we are particularly proud to share the 10 key benefits of this very special Geneva release.

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3. Integrating ServiceNow with SAP Solution Manager
This  4-years old blogpost was still a hot topic in 2015. SAP always plays a significant role in the IT landscape of companies where it is implemented and supporting SAP keeps usually quite some people busy in there! In this blogpost we show different examples of the scope and functions when interfacing ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager (SolMan).

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2. Top 5 questions for the ultimate CMS in ServiceNow
ServiceNow’s Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful tool to customize web pages and extend the look and feel of the standard ServiceNow’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal. When starting a new project asking yourself the right questions will help you build your new CMS website and gain time in the development phase. Based on our extensive knowledge in this article we provide you with our Top 5.

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1. 10 Benefits of ServiceNow’s Fuji release
Our most read blog post in 2015 deals with the 10 key benefits of Fuji release in March. Aspediens had the possibility to participate in ServiceNow Pre-Early Access Testing Program and collected the main benefits of Fuji release such as new applications, enhancements of existing features, and many more.

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Carmen Schaefer
Carmen is Events & Communications Specialist at Fruition Partners Europe (ex-Aspediens). When she is not tweeting about Fruition Partners or managing all those event-related topics, she writes inspiring stories and loves to discover the latest innovations in the (IT) Service Management world.
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