ServiceNow Geneva Studio: How developers can make the most out of it

The ServiceNow Geneva release brings a new feature which will delight System Administrators and Developers: The new ServiceNow Studio, a mature and rich web Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that will allow a better code insight and offers centralized resources, scripting assistance and search. It is available in any browser that supports WebWorkers.

1a-Welcome to Studio

We had a deeper look at this new Studio plugin and are happy to share our findings with you:

Application Explorer
This function focuses on Apps development. The global scope cannot be opened as an app but scripts can be opened individually using the search functionality to find them. A message is displayed when trying to modify a script in a different scope.2b-Scope Alert

2a-Scope Alert


Tabbed development
Each tab contains the name of the script and its type. A blue circle icon indicates that the element contained in a tab has been modified. In case the browser crashes, the opened tabs will be saved in the IDE so that work is not lost (but the actual records will not be updated).

3-Tabbed Development

API lookup
The dot-walking help is available for JS objects but only for one level when working with Reference Fields. However, it does not provide help for libraries such as JQuery or Prototype. Be aware that it doesn’t work when creating an instance of an Object defined in a Script Include.

8-Dot Walking

7-API lookup

Go to & Code search
Functions like Go to and Code search can be used within the IDE and make sure we can quickly find what we are looking for. ‘Go to’ is useful when searching for a scripts name while ‘code search” scans entire scripts.  

4-Go To

5-Code Search

JS Linting
A missing semicolon, parenthesis not closed and other common Javascript mistakes will no longer be a problem thanks to the JS Linting functionality. Spot potential issues while writing your code and improve its quality.

6-JS linting

Sounds promising? Try it out yourself or discover more about this topic at ServiceNow’s webinar.

Rubén is certified ServiceNow System Administrator and certified Implementation Specialist. He works as Technical Consultant at our office in Spain since 2014 and has strong experience in configuration and implementation for various major European companies.
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