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After our first kick-off event last year in Barcelona, the second edition took place in beautiful Lisbon – the city of 7 hills and one of the oldest in Europe, known for Fado music and its café culture. Aspediens employees from 5 offices and more than 12 different nationalities joined the event, to work and discuss, to network and to have fun.

The event started with a look back at 2015 and tremendous achievements by the whole team and countries: a solid growth, new hires, numerous big go-lives (incl. the biggest ever performed by Aspediens) and new customers just to mention a few. Additionally, Aspediens strategy update as well as objectives for 2016 were presented.

After an afternoon dedicated to business, entertainment followed. We had told the team that there would be a surprise activity and everybody was anxiously waiting to know what it would be… it turned out to be a ride with Lisbon’s old trams, the “Elétricos” – one of the most authentic ways to discover the city.

Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner in U Chiado restaurant while listening to Portugal’s typical Fado music. It was a good opportunity to talk especially to those colleagues who work in different offices. To ensure an optimal networking experience we had people pick a number to define where they would seat, thus having a random positioning of everyone in the restaurant.

It was a fantastic kick-off showing once more what makes Aspediens unique: The amazing people who work for this company and their incredibly strong team spirit.

Thank you team for making Fruition Partners what it is! To a fantastic 2016!

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Special thanks to Ana Roque for her Fado performance.

Carmen Schaefer
Carmen is Events & Communications Specialist at Fruition Partners Europe (ex-Aspediens). When she is not tweeting about Fruition Partners or managing all those event-related topics, she writes inspiring stories and loves to discover the latest innovations in the (IT) Service Management world.
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