How to quickly edit a reference record directly from a list in ServiceNow

We have a quite simple yet very useful trick to share with you. We all know this situation: You’re working with a big list of records in your ServiceNow instance and then you need to edit them all. It can quickly become cumbersome to click on each record to open the form, edit it and then go back to the list. In order to help you save time let’s see how to directly edit a record from a list.
The trick is to display the info popup in edit mode. To do this press Shift and while Shift is pressed, hover the info icon. You can now easily edit whatever field you’d like and update the record or save the changes.


The same works for any other reference link, just press shift and click on it e.g. user record to edit it. You will see the full information in an editable mode.


Last but not least, you can perform the same actions from an embedded or related list.

Ximizu Huynh is a Senior Consultant at Fruition Partners Europe (ex-Aspediens) in Paris. With 12+ experience in IT, he enjoys sharing ServiceNow tips and tricks that make our lives easier.
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