UI16: Show/Hide option “Show domain picker in header” for non-admin users

In ServiceNow “Geneva” instances or a later release that have the domain extensions plugin enabled, a picker with all the available domains can be shown by activating the option “Show domain picker in header” within the “Settings” menu. Nevertheless, non admin users can also enable this option.

How can you avoid non-admin to enable this option?
To avoid non-admin users in an instance to change between the different domains, option “Show domain picker in header” (available to all users by default by clicking in “Settings” gear icon” >General) has to be disabled.

To disable the “Show domain picker in header”, two steps are needed:
1) Create/modify property “glide.ui.domain_picker.role” (type string) if it does not exist yet.

In the “Value” field, just write the roles to be ALLOWED to see this option (separated by commas). Leaving the field empty will allow only admin users to see it.

Bear in mind that users with role ‘itil’ will always be able to see the picker.

2) Search for UI Macros named “domain_select” and set “active” to false

For UI15, just apply step 2.

UI16 is the user interface available as of the Geneva release of ServiceNow (introduced in December 2015), providing usability improvements and design changes to UI15 and previous UIs, including an enhanced application navigator, color themes, and a refreshed knowledge base that delivers a more modern style to help drive user efficiency and productivity.

Javier works as Technical Consultant in the Fruition Partners office in Spain since 2014. He is certified System Administrator and Implementation Specialist. He is currently incident support manager, customer support manager, and also in charge of training new colleagues in the company.
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