The Ultimate CMDB Guide for ServiceNow

Building a CMDB is like building a house. Let’s agree that every house has a door, windows, at least a floor with a few rooms and a roof. Then you may want to add a fireplace, a second floor or a swimming pool in the garden depending on your needs. All CMDBs are very similar but depending on the organization and processes it has to support, differences may be implemented. Nowadays, infrastructure and application layers are standardised and pretty much all organizations are facing the same challenges. Moving forward, the ITIL maturity level will continue to increase thus needs from the CMDB will be converging to become very similar.

Our free ebook is intended to readers who are in the process or will be in the process of replacing the current legacy ITSM solution by ServiceNow or are simply implementing ServiceNow and need to build a CMDB. ServiceNow is a vast and very flexible product which is often not the case of legacy solutions. Implementing ServiceNow is therefore a great opportunity to build a tailored cut CMDB that perfectly fits your needs. In addition to this, ServiceNow has unprecedented level of integration with all processes, ITIL, IT or non-IT. Vast also means that to make sure you start on the right track, you need guidance and that is what this ebook is intended to be.

Recommendations made in the book’s chapters are guided by two factors:

  1. Respect as much as possible the CMDB vision of ServiceNow. This means remaining as close to standards as possible (“out-of-the-box”).
  2. Best practices gathered along the multiple CMDB implementations we have done at Fruition Partners for our customers.

This ebook is organised in four parts.

  1. the introduction, will focus on a bit of theory.
  2. The second part will be focusing on the implementation process of the CMDB (establishment of the configuration model).
  3. Then the third part will be focusing on processes, mainly to the management of the lifecycle of CIs once the CMDB is in place and fed with data.
  4. Finally, the fourth part will be focusing on ServiceNow and key functionalities leveraging on the CMDB.

Last but not least: KISS – Keep It Simple and Smart. Pretty much any physical or logical components of the whole IT of an organization could find its place in the CMDB. But building a CMDB is a journey and you should go step-by-step. If defining some areas of your configuration model is too long or tends to be complex/complicated, simplify. Start simple and expend later.

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