Top 5 reasons why your company needs Managed Services

Too often, organizations think of their service management software investment like a slow cooker recipe – simply turn it on and just wait for the inevitable positive results. This may work for some organizations in need of a basic ITIL framework to operate their IT service desk system. However, the transformative benefits of some of the best service management platforms result from organizations that extend service relationship management beyond the IT service desk and into non-IT areas. This advanced capability disproves the ‘set it and forget it’ mindset, and has prompted many enterprise to be more proactive when it comes to enabling and sustaining optimal service management platform performance.

But, what is it specifically about managed services that makes it such a noteworthy service for organizations to obtain? While managed services can provide entities with innumerable benefits, these points are perhaps the most noteworthy:


As anyone who has been in the workplace for longer than a few years knows well, paradigms in IT and other enterprise verticals can quickly change. Chances are good that the solutions and workflows that are currently commonplace may soon become obsolete as new ideas and technologies come to the fore. Instead of rushing out to obtain the next generation of IT, organizations can use managed services to more appropriately alter their current solutions.

This will become more important as digitization, the new third wave of enterprise IT, becomes more prevalent, according to Gartner. The research firm found that about 33 percent of the approximately 2,300 CIOs surveyed said they were unprepared for this shift, lacking the staff and know how needed to effectively leverage these new opportunities. But, those attitudes can be changed by an expert Managed Services provider like Fruition Partners.


One of the biggest reasons why many organizations elect to not use Managed Services is because they think that they can handle related tasks in house. However, according to Dan Dubay, Director of Managed Services at Fruition Partners, odds are good that the amount of knowledge that internal IT teams have on effective service management, platform optimization and custom apps development, pales in comparison to what Managed Services providers like Fruition Partners can bring to the table. According to Gartner, 42 percent of CIOs said that they do not have the talent needed to cope with the future of enterprise IT. In addition, should organizations try to hire additional personnel to handle these tasks, they likely will have little luck finding and hiring qualified professionals, Dubay noted.


When it comes to procuring anything, total cost of ownership and return on investment are some of the most important variables to consider. While organizations may spend more on Managed Services, this is a fiscally prudent move because it helps to ensure that service management software solutions are optimized to generate significant business value. The best Managed Service providers recommend, architect and build solutions to meet both impromptu and expected business demands, ensuring that the system purchased today will  work well for at least the next five to 10 years continue to produce expected return and value well into the future.


Laws and regulations change, and organizations need to make sure their chosen solutions evolve accordingly. As new standards are developed and as existing ones are updated, organizations need to make sure their systems are able to handle this shift or else face stiff financial penalties. For example, the Payment Card Industry released version 3.0 of its Data Security Standard and Payment Application Data Security Standard last August. As such, any organization that may potentially deal with credit or debit card information in any fashion will likely have to update its IT infrastructure according to these new guidelines in order to remain compliant. However, quality Managed Services providers can handle these kinds of concerns and requests for their clients, thus ensuring that organizational leaders can rest easy and devote their energy toward other value-added pursuits.


The amount of new technology being released in the marketplace is staggering, and many organizations are looking to keep up with it all. While many enterprises are already sold on the benefits of some of the most recent solutions to now be offered, a large number of firms do not know how to effectively integrate them with existing operations and tech-enabled systems.

For example, how do organizations properly prepare themselves for mobility today? The number of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices used at the workplace has skyrocketed. However, many organizations are not properly configured to accommodate this new bring-your-own device (BYOD) movement even when they have BYOD-enabled technology.

Fruition Partners’ Managed Services can help ServiceNow customers by making necessary tweaks to workflows and software to account for any technological shift. Having a cloud service management tool like ServiceNow helps organizations remain flexible, but Managed Services from Fruition Partners guarantees that it is optimized for the ever-shifting demands of end users.

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