3 steps to prepare your Service Catalog migration from CMS to Service Portal

At some point you might want to migrate your ServiceNow CMS to Service Portal to use all the great functionalities it offers. You have a lot of scripts (Catalog client script, Catalog UI policies, …) running on CMS and you want to be sure of the compatibilities with Service Portal (As Service Portal doesn’t support Jelly and uses only Angular technology and JavaScript, some methods are not available anymore).

We have collected 3 steps that will help you prepare your migration.

1. Check all scripts running on your CMS to have a good effort estimation

The impacted script types are:

  • Catalog Client Script,
  • Catalog UI Policies (with the Run Script field checked)
  • Macro

For a better analysis, don’t forget that these scripts can be applied on item or variable set.

Plus, you can find below the list of common methods that are no longer compatible (you can also check them here ) :

  • jslog
  • getElement
  • gel
  • document
  • $
  • jQuery
  • window
  • getReference without callback
  • Getmessage without message on “Message” Field
  • getParameter
  • getXMLWait()

2. Adapt the scripts

a) It is possible to specify that a Catalog Client Script or a Catalog UI Policy are executed on the CMS or on the Service Portal

  • This is the field “UI Type” at the Catalog Client Script form and the field “Run Script in UI Type” for Catalog UI Policies
  • The value “Desktop” allows to execute the script only on the CMS side; the value “Service Portal/Mobile” allows to execute the script only on the Service Portal side; the value “All” specifies that the script will be compatible with both Service Portal and CMS.

b) Adapt the code to ensure the compatibility between CMS and Service Portal

c) UI Macros are no longer compatible, which means they have to be transformed in Widgets.

d) Respect best practices (no glideRecord, no XMLwait)

3. Some examples of script’s updates  

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.00.15

Didier joined the company in 2015 and works as Solution Consultant in our Paris office. He is certified ServiceNow System Administrator, and Implementation Specialist. With a technical background, he is focusing on Solution Consulting since 2016. With his broad experience, he helps customers find the best solutions for their ServiceNow projects.
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