6 free online resources every ServiceNow professional should know

Whenever you are stuck with a challenge in ServiceNow your first action is probably to ask a colleague or to check your company’s knowledge base. If this first attempt doesn’t bring a solution, you’ll probably check the ServiceNow community or the ServiceNow doc but in some cases, you’re still unable to find the solution you’re looking for. Google is a logical next step but it can end up with a load of results and pages that will take time to scan.   

If this sounds familiar, you’re not the only one and to simplify your life we have collected 6 resources to help you find solutions for your ServiceNow challenges or to get helpful information on ServiceNow related topics.   

1. ServiceNow Guru
What we like most about this must-know resource (apart from its name 😉 ) is the arrangement of articles in different categories. They are grouped by “Most popular SNGuru articles”, “Popular System Articles”, “Popular Scripting Cheat Sheets” and “More Scripting Cheat Sheets”. 

2. John James Andersen  
Even though this blog post is not specialised in one ServiceNow subject, you can find many articles about integrations (e.g.: LDAP, SSO, etc.) and Web Services which explain these complex matters very clearly. 

3. Code Creative 
What we love most about this blog, is its powerful search. Search for any ServiceNow subject or question and you will find many related articles. The coding tips and best practices are particularly interesting.  

4. ServiceNow Elite  
ServiceNow Elite describes itself as a technical blog about ServiceNow. It is a good collection of ServiceNow articles that provide practical solutions on common business needs.  

5. ServicePortal.io 
Service Portal is one of the trending ServiceNow topics these days. As it is also a quite new one, there is not much information (yet) or tips & tricks available. This blog covers everything related to Service Portal and is a great source of information and documentation. 

6. LinkedIn group: ServiceNow Professionals  
More than 6000 members in this group exchange about any possible ServiceNow matter. Members can also post their issues or questions and help each other.  

Which free online resources do you use for any ServiceNow related matter? Tell us more about it in the comment section.

Maxime joined the company in 2017 and works as Senior Consultant in our Paris office. With 4 years of experience in ITSM and ServiceNow, he has strong abilities to seize business requirements as well as a thorough understanding of the ServiceNow platform. He is certified System Administrator, Implementation Specialist, Scrum Master and has carried out several Service Portal projects
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  • Rik

    Check it out! Please add it to the list!

    • Maxime Dupurgues

      Thanks Rik, indeed this is also a great source of information about ServiceNow!

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