What is included in Fruition Play for ServiceNow ?

Fruition Play includes 6 key deliverables:

  1. New: ITSM best practice Process Model: an easy-to-read web-based process workflow especially developed for ServiceNow including the processes, procedures and work instructions for Request, Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Knowledge and Configuration management.
  2. New: Process Metrics and Indicators: pre-defined process indicators and reports for Request, Incident, Problem and Change to measure processes efficiency.
  3. Roll-out and Training Materials: Train-the-trainer Slide Decks, Quick Guides and Field Utilization Guidelines embedded in ServiceNow to help organizations accelerate their roll-out and training.
  4. Pre-configured ServiceNow Update Sets: A Turn-key ServiceNow instance with 7 processes pre-configured with Best Practices from our 500+ ServiceNow projects in Europe so that our customers don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  5. European Localized User Interface and communication: key European languages (English, French, German and Spanish) are available in the tool to make sure users access their interface and receive professional looking communications based on their preferred language.
  6. Enhanced Employee Self-Service Portal: an enhanced CMS portal to delight end-users with a modern user experience and to allow our customers to quickly embed their branding guidelines into ServiceNow.
Stève is Marketing & Communications Manager, Europe at Fruition Partners (ex-Aspediens). Described as customer (and pixel) obsessed by his colleagues, he uses his experience in both traditional and digital marketing to polish all things related to Marketing at Fruition Partners Europe. His main motto is “Learn something new every day, in any field”, a mindset that made him embrace and enjoy the ServiceNow and Service Management world since he joined the company.
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