CISEL harmonizes its processes with ServiceNow and Fruition Partners.

The company uses ServiceNow not only for its IT Service Management but also for the invoicing of its customers.  

For more than 45 years, CISEL Informatique SA has been offering its services and IT expertise to SMEs in the Swiss Romande region. Leader in the areas of IT outsourcing, ERP integration and Cloud Computing, CISEL supports its customers in the execution of their projects.

In 2013, CISEL decided to standardize its IT Service Management processes by adapting them to ITIL. Following a careful market analysis and considering Gartner Study (ITSSM Magic Quadrant), ServiceNow has been selected to consolidate all the ITSM processes on a single platform. Until then, CISEL had been using a ticketing tool with limited functionalities which therefore had to be replaced. With ServiceNow, CISEL uses a cloud application for the first time.

To date, two projects have been completed. The first is a typical ITSM project divided into 2 phases with a total duration of 8 months:

  • Phase 1 with Incident, Problem, Service Requests, Knowledge Base, Request fulfillment, CMDB and Asset Management, Self Service and Reporting
  • Phase 2 with Change Management, Software Asset Management, Contract Management and User Feedback. As well as integrations with SAP and in particular Nexthink.

The second project focuses on the implementation of technical billing of IT services and includes the integration of ServiceNow with the already existing invoicing system of CISEL. Every month, ServiceNow calculates the costs based on the use and price of services and pushes this consolidated data to SAP for billing. Thanks to ServiceNow, customers can also access the technical details of their invoices for the accounting period of their choice as well as dashboards such as the availability of services they subscribed to, the allocation of costs by financial field or the KPIs of Service Desk activity. Currently, approximately 100 customers of CISEL use ServiceNow.

The implementation of ServiceNow made the alignment of processes to ITIL possible. The project manager, Eduardo Geraldi, was satisfied: “In such projects we should never forget the human factor which is essential for teamwork: A good mix between social competences and technical expertise is a key success factor.” Then he continued: “ With Fruition Partners we found a partner with an advanced knowledge of ITIL, who knows his job, who gives precious advices, who supports its customers during the entire duration of the project and who – even more importantly – does not hesitate to question things.” The course of the first projects and their positive impact make “the realisation of further ServiceNow projects in a near future very likely.”

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