Beyond ITSM – ServiceNow for Customer Service

Why not extend something that works well for IT Service Management to other areas of the company? – That’s what the Swiss retailer Denner realized with its ServiceNow project, supported by Fruition Partners for the implementation.

Denner is the third biggest food retailer in Switzerland with a 2.917 billion CHF revenue in 2014 and over 4000 employees. The IT department includes 35 employees and Customer Service 3 employees (150% FTE). Denner’s customer service is the contact point for all product and service related requests from customers. They receive around 800 inquiries per month and communication is performed in three different languages: German, French and Italian.

The project kicked off when Denner’s IT department started looking for a new solution to harmonize their IT processes as the tool currently in use had limited functionalities (incident management only). In parallel, Customer Service was searching for a solution to their own challenges. After they had respectively completed their evaluations, both departments picked ServiceNow with an implementation performed by Fruition Partners.

The overall project for both the IT department and Customer Service was successfully completed and rolled-out within 6 months. Today, more than 60 people actively use the tool as they are involved in a way or in another in Customer Service’s process while we count 35 users on the IT department side. A high level and rapid adoption of ServiceNow by all users has been achieved through Fruition Partners train-the-trainer methodology and a user-friendly interface.

Among the functionalities developed for the non-IT area, some are to be highlighted such as the integration of Denner website’s contact form with ServiceNow; the possibility to retrieve all product information in ServiceNow as well as the automated creation of letters and integration of canned responses to customer requests. In particular, the last point leads to higher productivity and time savings for the employees of Customer Service. Consequently, the processing time of customer requests has been reduced significantly.

Stefan Scharrenbroich, Head of IT Operations at Denner and responsible for this project underlined the “excellent collaboration with Fruition Partners.” “The Fruition Partners team is not only highly professional, but the interpersonal relationship built with them was a great asset for the project and for a fruitful collaboration”. When asked about a possible extension of the IT service portal towards other non-IT areas, Mr. Scharrenbroich seems optimistic and positive.

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