Fruition Partners Innovation Labs aspire to lever ServiceNow’s technology to create new solutions that address growing and evolving customers demand. It acts as a Europe-wide innovation hub, delivering tangible business benefits and enabling the development of business and IT oriented technology solutions for European and global companies.

Our aim is to understand how ServiceNow customers will interact in the future with their service automation solutions and propose new approaches to them, based on the experience gained during more than 500 ServiceNow implementations carried out by the company.

I’ve always been someone who listens to the customers, find out what they need, and then build the technology. – Fred Luddy, ServiceNow Founder & Chief Product Officer

With Innovation Labs, we foster our employees’ amazing creativity to build a ServiceNow ecosystem – made up of packaged integrations with enterprise solutions, and business apps built on ServiceNow’s platform – that will help CxOs and Service Managers achieve service excellence in the most effective and engaging way possible.

Solutions  introduced by the Labs


Fruition Play is an exclusive solution that enables organizations to achieve implementation of ServiceNow quickly, whilst reducing costs and time to value to a fraction of what they would typically be.


Integrating ServiceNow with Enterprise systems is crucial. Fruition Connect solutions offer in-depth experience and a proven record of accomplishment, with hundreds of successful ServiceNow [...]


Fruition Track is a complete asset and inventory solution that allows you to optimise your asset management operations. By supplying assets in an auditable, efficient and effective process, you [...]

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