An international Swiss watchmaker who owns several worldwide known luxury brands implemented ServiceNow for Facilities Management, for the reception of goods and its internal store for employees. Yet another great example of how ServiceNow facilitates Service Management for the entire company.

When the project started, the company counted 300 end users and 10 persons working in Facilities Management. Today, around 1000 end user work with ServiceNow.

The headquarters of our customer include the offices of several luxury brand and a research center. The offices receive goods on a daily basis, each month around 1000 items per brand. The initial project goal was to implement a tool for Facilities Management but was quickly extended to a Boutique application.

Implementation of ServiceNow originally for Facilities Management
Before the implementation of ServiceNow the company used a basic application and emails for Facilities Management. With the time and population reaching over 900 users the need of a more professional solution arose and ServiceNow was implemented. It is now used whenever something has to be fixed, needs a replacement but also for ordering office supplies. Domain separation was implemented this means data is separated and each brand sees only its own data.

Custom application for reception of goods with hand-drawn signature
At the same time the old application the company used for the reception of goods was not supported anymore, so the company quickly went one step further as it now uses ServiceNow as well for managing the reception of goods. Before the implementation this process was executed by sending grouped emails to people that received an item. Now when the company receives goods the back office raises the record in ServiceNow and the recipient gets an email telling him what he got, where and at what time he can get it. Once the person goes to pick up their package they sign on an iPad to confirm the receipt with a hand-drawn signature.

ServiceNow boutique application including use of QR codes
In addition, the customer implemented ServiceNow for their boutique. This is an internal store where employees can buy the company’s products. With ServiceNow, the vendors handle the stock, incoming goods and the selling process as well as the creation of invoices that can be sent by email or obviously printed. The customer implemented QR Code for the stock. QR codes can be created directly with ServiceNow, printed and then put on the articles. This QR code contains several information such as article description, brand, price, serial number, and many more. The module is also helpful for inventories, the articles just have to be scanned with an iPad or Iphone and are directly registered in ServiceNow.

Custom App: Onsite Sales to manage events
From time to time the company organizes events in collaboration with the Boutique to propose limited products to employees at discounted prices. Before the implementation of ServiceNow the event organisation was managed by email and excel sheets : Internal communication of the event, people registering for their preferred slot, managing of conflicts, reject and accept registrations and manage cancellations and finally send a confirmation.

So now with ServiceNow, the Boutique manager publishes the event in the CMS for a limited period during which the people can get registered. Boutique also defines slots (e.g. 8:00 – 8:30) with a capacity (e.g. 1 person). As soon as someone registers in the predefined timeslot, the slot is not anymore visible because of quota.

Once the registration period is finished, the Boutique manager just clicks the button: “Confirm Date & Time” and an email is sent to all people for confirmation.

Fruition Partners, a CSC company, showed its expertise in this complex project and accompanied the customer during the entire project which was implemented in time and budget.

The user friendly portal encourages a high user adoption since the beginning. Users are happy and use the tool on a frequent basis. The customer was very satisfied: “The project and collaboration with Fruition Partners was excellent. With their enormous expertise they guided us through the project, were very supportive as a partner and showed us all those amazing things that can be done with ServiceNow. We were positively surprised by the flexibility of ServiceNow. So much, that now, whenever possible, we’d like to extend its use within the company.”

This project is another excellent Non-IT example, showing that ServiceNow is perfectly useable for all areas of the company.

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