Servair, a subsidiary of Air France-KLM, French market leader and the world’s third largest airline catering and logistics company, has chosen SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions from ServiceNow and Fruition Partners expertise to develop its IT services for more than 1,600 users in France.

The initial challenge

At the beginning of 2014, Servair’s DSI was faced with a technical obstacle: it wanted to develop its platform of IT services for users and to ensure problem-free maintenance, but found that difficult to do with the existing tool. It therefore sought an alternative. To be sure of making the right choice, it spent two months testing two solutions selected with the help of integrators in the context of a POC (Proof Of Concept).

Five main selection criteria

The solutions chosen for the test were assessed according to five major criteria:

1) how easy it would be to adopt and administer the tool;

2) the diversity of its functionalities;

3) its ergonomics for users, particularly via a user portal;

4) the tool’s ability to evolve;

5) whether infrastructure management constraints could be overcome via the Cloud.

Ultimately, the ServiceNow solution was chosen.

« ServiceNow’s solution for managing incidents and requests in SaaS mode was by far the easiest to adopt and we had no doubt about its agility and evolutive capabilities», ssays Olivier Jacod, operations manager for Servair’s DSI.

An operational solution in just three months

« We were keen to install all the incident management and service levels very quickly, but without downgrading the quality of the service »,explains Romy Monzialo, manager of the user service centre for the DSI operations.« Fruition Partners helped us enormously to achieve that objective by increasing our skill, enabling us to become autonomous »

The solution was implemented during the summer of 2014 with no deterioration in the service. Only one three-hour training session was needed in two groups for the whole computer team to understand how to use the tool. From beginning to end, the project took just three months to be installed and put into operation.

The results were seen only six months later: a 15% increase in the incident resolution rate.

« Before the user portal was installed, 90% of requests were made by telephone or email », explains Olivier Jacod. « Today, 100% of requests pass through the portal and the incident resolution rate has soared from 55% to 70% ».

Encouraged by this first success, Servair’s DSI intends to continue deploying new ServiceNow modules in 2015, such as its management of change and problem solving modules. It wants to pack its portal with dedicated formulas and is also planning to install ServiceNow’s asset management tool for PCs and servers, as well as the CMBD (configuration management database).

« We have been able to see what a transverse platform ServiceNow is, going further than the ITSM », Romy Monzialo concludes. « Whenever we plan new projects we’ll be asking ourselves: how will the ServiceNow solution help us to accomplish them? »

About Servair

Servair is worldwide, serving 120 airline companies in more than 20 countries on four continents. It is a subsidiary of Air France and has 10,000 employees of all nationalities. Though its three centres, for In-Flight Services, Airport Services and Complementary Services, Servair can supply solutions for all its customers’ needs. As the world’s third largest airline catering and logistics company, Servair recorded a turnover of 771 million euros in 2013.

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