Siemens Financial Services standardizes its IT Service Management with Fruition Partners and ServiceNow

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) as the financial service provider within the Siemens group offers business-to-business financial solutions. These services comprise Commercial Finance, Insurance, Asset Management, Project & Structured Finance, Venture Capital and Treasury. The Siemens subsidiary works globally, employs approximately 3000 people and has its own IT department.

This department, called SFS IT, is the result of a reorganization that took place a few years ago: all IT departments within the Siemens Group that exclusively provided services to SFS were merged into SFS IT. However, their locations in various countries, and the multiple tools and processes each of them had in place made it clear that an harmonization was needed. “We wanted to bring the IT department within the SFS IT to one common tool using one process” explains Nadja Kastellan, project member at SFS IT and responsible for SFS IT’s Service Now instance “this is when the decision to implement ServiceNow was taken”.

Before implementing ServiceNow, IT Service Management was managed mainly through emails and TestTrackPro. This situation, with everybody using different instances of this tool while some others were managing everything by e-mail and phone made as well reporting and measurement impossible.

SFS IT defined their Regions North – UK and the Scandinavian countries – and North America as pilot countries where they rolled out ServiceNow in two phases. In September 2014, first the two ServiceNow processes Incident and Service Request Management were rolled-out. In a second step Change and Problem Management were rolled-out. Once these four processes were successfully rolled out in the pilot countries, they were implemented in all other countries at once.
Fruition Partners has been onboard since August 2014 and was mainly responsible for the implementation of the processes Change and Problem Management. Since February 2015 Fruition Partners is also in charge of the operational support.

ServiceNow was successfully implemented and the project delivered in time. Users adoption has been particularly high: only three weeks after the roll-out in Region North, 50% of tickets came in via the portal, even though the old ways of communication via phone or email did still exist.
Siemens Financial Services reached its goal of implementing one standardized process with all IT employees within SFS IT now working with the same tool.

As per Nadja Kastellan’s feedback Fruition Partners key contribution was the whole configuration and implementation of ServiceNow and especially doing it in time and at a high level of quality. “Fruition Partners performance and the trustful and very good collaboration definitely contributed to this project’ success”.

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