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with the Fruition Partners Process Model for ServiceNow

Start transforming your IT Service Management now and ensure

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  • a better reliability and quality of service
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Process Model

Key Benefits

  • Ensures processes have been reviewed, analysed and standardised
  • Ensures everyone has a good and common understanding of each process
  • Facilitates the adoption of common and standard processes for the whole IT organization
  • Can be used for Training purposes to align the practice with the process
  • Contributes to management of change and new IT employee on-boarding to understand quickly the IT organization and processes
  • Fully adaptable which means the customer saves effort during process design and documentation, as there is no need to start from a blank page but rather adapt existing process diagrams
  • Process consistency is improved and contributes to reach a better ITIL maturity level (minimum level 3 – Control)
  • Roles are documented, hence responsibilities and accountability are explicitly defined
  • Appropriate and accurate metrics are available and can be utilised for continuous improvement
  • Contributes to quality management systems requirements such as ISO9000, ISO20000 or process improvement systems such as Six Sigma or CMMI

Comes standard with the following features

7 processes

Access to an online library of 7 fully documented processes (Incident, Request, Problem, Knowledge, Configuration, Change, Release).

Best practices

Based on ITIL best practices and experience from 500+ ITSM projects in Europe.


Each process includes a diagram flow, procedures and work instructions with clear explanation on how to use ServiceNow at any step of the process.

Configuration & Material

Each process includes the roles & responsibilities, the metrics, roll-out & training materials.


Each process, diagram flow, procedure and work instructions can be customised to your needs.


Unlimited access to view the processes through the online web app, 24/7 available, embedded and accessible from your ServiceNow instance.


Possibility to create and document new processes, even business processes.


Hosted in Switzerland with secure SSL certificate (HTTPS).

Fruition Process Model is a key component of Fruition Play

Fruition Play is an exclusive solution, comprising a best practice process model, documentation, training materials and a set of pre-packaged ServiceNow update sets. It helps organizations rapidly achieve full implementation of ServiceNow, whilst reducing costs and time to value to a fraction of what they would typically spend.

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