Fruition Track

Win the ITAM Challenge

To accelerate ITAM adoption within your organisation and address the challenges of asset receiving, inventory, tracking and audit, we’ve created the Fruition Track solution.

Fruition Track is a complete asset and inventory  solution that allows you to optimise your asset management operations. By supplying assets in an auditable, efficient and effective process, you can extend asset lifecycles, increase uptime and reduce mean time to repair.

Fruition Track allows you to

  • Automate new hardware asset reception

  • Scan, create and update your asset in your Asset Management database

  • Generate and print asset tags and QR codes

  • Perform rapid asset data updates with your Smartphone

With Fruition Track, your field technicians will have immediate access to the CMDB and Asset Management database by simply scanning the asset QR Code tag from any Smartphone.


  • Easy capture of asset reception within ServiceNow
  • Enables real-time updates in ITAM
  • Faster incident resolution and MTTR reduction
  • Better productivity
  • Enhanced data integrity
  • Accurate reporting
  • Improved audit compliance

See Fruition Track in action

Sorry. Videos are currently only available in French. We are working on an English version available soon.

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